Friday, 31 January 2014

Putting in a bit of effort.

The Pinafore Maxi Skirt Love Story.

I am in love. I found this little gem in Global Village, in Thailand's pavilion. And I bargained and got it for just 60 AED. How gorgeous is it!

I never get tired of Global Village. I'll always come back home with something unique. This time I actually controlled myself and just got the skirt instead of overspending, like my usual self. But I went a bit crazy with buying yummy labneh of different mixes from Palestine's pavilion. Not to mention that I completed ruined a strict diet buy snacking on Holland's famous Mini Pancakes. Oh well. Let's not think about that.

Silky Print Blouse: Koton, Pinafore Maxi Skirt: Global Village Thailand, Shoes: Forever 21