Thursday, 27 February 2014

The First Bloggers Meet by WeTrendStyle

When Fashion and Music mix.

Last Wednesday, on the 19th of February, I went to the first UAE Bloggers' Meet by WeTrendStyle.com, which took place in the fabulous Cavalli Club Dubai, organized by beautiful Ms. Anne Marie from AnneMarieInc.com. It was night filled with Fashion, Music and Magic.
The Night was called Cavalli 54, which takes on the glitz and glam of the 80's, with stunning performances from gorgeous dancers and an exotic singer. I really enjoyed the whole evening, and was blessed with the company of some amazing regional bloggers and fashion people. The atmosphere was perfect, and everyone was eager to mingle; discussing fashion, individual projects and future plans.

I met Paul Ramos from The Style ChoreoOlga from Sand In The CityYashraj from The Who And WhatJen & Kate from Dubai Desert TwinsMoerz from Living On The MagazinesMika from The Prada Shades, Susanna Vesna from Susanna Vesna and Liouaa from Jam the Glam , Salma from Arcadian Apparel, Antone from Black Iris and Mohammed Ghoneim

I also met the great Mohammed from WeTrendStyle who successfully arranged the whole event! I highly appreciate him for creating an event such as this, which is aimed to bridge bloggers together and open endless doors to networking. Definitely Looking forward for the next Bloggers' Meet; that'll probably take place in the very near future!

I have a sad confession though. I did something I'm not very proud off that night, I forgot my camera in the car,, and I only realized after I gave to the attending staff at the Valet, so it was too late to get it. Definitely missed the opportunity of getting so many gorgeous shots to truly show you the inside scoop from my point of view. ANd also, I don't get the chance to show you details of my outfit. Oh well, it's a mistake I won't repeat twice.

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  1. Thank you so much and yes indeed was a magical night and hope we will get to spark the magic again :)