Monday, 26 May 2014

2nd Fashion Bloggers' Meet: A Night to Remember

When freaks and stylists collide.

Last Wednesday On May 22nd 2014, Wetrendstyle, a fashion blog collective, organized an exclusive invite-only event for the local fashion blogger community at the club, Cirque Le Soir, Dubai, in collaboration with Anne Marie Inc. The club was swarming with fashion-bloggers from across the country, everyone there with the motive of breaking free and having a bit of fun. 

Wetrendstyle have outdone themselves once again, with yet another memorable, greater bloggers' meet. I was honoured to be one of the guests invited to a night filled with good music, fashion and dancing. 

Fashion Blogging has come of age in other parts of world where thousands of blogs influence the daily conversation of what’s in style. The local scene has matured as well and about a hundred bloggers converged at the Cirque Le Soir to show their strength in numbers.
“Fashion is social now”, says Mondal, the founder of Wetrendstyle, “Times have changed. We don’t take our style cues from magazines anymore. The internet has changed everything.”
With the penetration of Internet access increasing in this region, Fashion E-commerce has reached its tipping point and it’s estimated that are a few thousand fashion blogs and instagram feeds from this region alone with some participants in the community even going further and launching their own clothing line or business.
“The goal of Wetrendstyle is to give fashion blogging more visibility and to encourage a regional conversation on what’s trending.” explains Mondal, “but it’s also about dressing up and having fun”. And fun it was - Fashion bloggers from Dubai and neighboring cities joined in and not only chimed in about fashion, their projects and plans but they also enjoyed themselves and by midnight, the performers from the club took to the stage and delivered an amazing show.

The turnout was great, the night a success and Wetrendstyle hopes to have more soon. So stay tuned.

My look for the night:
I thought dramatic make up would be perfect for the night. I got no regrets. 

Images I've personally taken using my iPhone:
The gorgeous Anne Marie and I, she's in charge of the biggest events that go down in Cavali Club and Cirque Le Soir.

With the studs, Mika Ashraf and Mohammed Yousef.

My stunning friend of 18 years, Yusra Mustafa.

The Dubai Desert Twins, Jen and Kate, along with the man himself, Mohammad from WeTrendStyle

Yusra and I strike a pose.

Professional images taken by VKLYBE.TV DUBAI

Spotted in Ahlan Live!

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